Victorian Bubble

chocolate raspberry mousse on We Heart It.

Ooo look at my pretty (Phantom) hair bows that arrived in the mail! 💌 #bows #phantombows #PhantomOfTheOpera

Now I am under.

I’m rebooting the cursor calibration of my cintiq 24. I was trying to find the same feeling that I had on the cintiq 21 for 7 8 month from now and it was very perfect specific one… I guess it’s impossible to found it back. I have to stop it now as it’s time consuming.
From now I’ll start with a new calibration and try to get use to it. :( I always feel that my drawing and painting stroke lost a lot of dynamism… but yeah I have to deal with it…
P.S: yes I’m a maniac when it’s about tool :D. Next time I’ll think wisely before switch to another cintiq.

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.

- Katherine Henson (via elauxe) -